We are very glad and proud to announce that we now also operate in Southern India. Our Indian drivers will now also be able to serve you in the provinces of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, as well as some parts of the state of Karnataka. As for the tours we already offer to the Northern part of India, we will be delighted to provide our driver services for the entire Southern part of India, thus covering: Kochi, Munnar, Bangalore, Chennai, Thekkady, Pondicherry, Madurai, Alleppey and much more. Here as well, your Indian driver will be much more than this. He will assist you in your visits during your travel and also take you off the beaten tracks to discover the real Southern Indian culture. 

You may wonder if visiting Rajasthan in August is a good idea. Won't it be too hot? Will it be raining all the time?
While May and June are for sure the hottest months of the year in Rajasthan, August already sees a significant drop in temperatures. In May and June the temperatures in Rajasthan will go above 40 degrees Celsius / 105 degrees Fahrenheit, but in August it will be around 33 degrees Celsius / 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the same temperature than in October, which is high season for tourists in Rajasthan. Regarding rainfalls,

If you are preparing your trip to Rajasthan or another part of the country, you will find out that there are many drivers in India offering their services for a tour. Unfortunately you may find out on travel blogs or other sites, that previous travellers have sometimes experienced questionable behaviour from their indian driver. Not all drivers in India follow strict customer guidelines such as we do at Drivers-India. We regularly train our indian drivers to western standards, and this training results in the signing of a driver's quality charter.

During your trip in India, there one thing you want to avoid: and that is drinking tap water. Even if you like challenges and taking risks, you better ask your indian driver to get you some bottled water. Bottle water is very cheap in India and can easily be bought everywhere (there are plenty of street sellers with cooling boxes or small shops, selling safe bottled water). Your indian driver will also have bottled water available in the car during your trip.

A regular question visitors to India may have, is how the mileage is working regarding their hired car with Indian driver. To the question if the mileage is unlimited during your tour of India, the answer is yes and no. There is no limitation in mileage in the sense that your Indian driver will not stop the car, once you have reached a defined number of kilometers. When preparing the quote for your trip to India, we will take into account your itinerary to make an estimation of the running kilometers of your car.

As much as you will enjoy your travel through Rajasthan and India, an undeniable priority should be your safety. During your journey in India, your driver will take you to visit sites, to markets, to restaurants, to night shows and many other different places. Wether you are visiting India as solo woman or as family with young kids, all these places can be potentially dangerous under given circumstances.

When preparing you bags for your upcoming trip to India you may wonder what to pack. Here are some tips to help for your indian experience.
India is definitely more conservative than other asian countries when it comes to dress code, especially for women. From a practical point of view, you want to have clothes that will keep you cool, as most of the time the weather in India is hot and humid (so you better avoid the skintight apparel in India). It is also better to wear long pants instead of shorts.

Are you wondering what to visit while traveling in Rajasthan with a limited time? You surely want to see the most extraordinary sites India and Rajasthan can offer. In our latest video we list the must-see sites while you on your trip through Rajasthan. Make sure to book one of our great drivers in india, so you while miss none of these top 10 sites.

When you travel through Rajasthan and India by car with an indian driver, your driver is actually much more than that. During your tour, the driver gives you tips about the visits, advices on places to see or on restaurants to eat at, insider information about the indian culture and habits. Shall anything unexpected happen (like sickness or others), your indian driver will feel like it is his duty to take care of you. When it comes to sightseeing during your trip, your indian driver is however not allowed to serve you as a guide.

When you plan your trip to India, one of your first concerns will be the weather. You definitely don't want your trip to Rajasthan or wherever you go in India, being ruined by loose weather conditions. There are of course major differences in climate between the north and the south of India. For Rajasthan and entire North-Eastern part of India, May and June are very hot months. The monsoon season usually starts by the end of June. However you can visit Rajasthan and Varanasi in July and August, as the monsoon rains are intense but short lasting.

Udaipur is actually a city you will visit by foot. The ‘lake city’ has very narrow streets, making it very difficult for vehicles to access. This is probably also adding the romantic charm of the city. Most of the highlights are in walking distance of each other’s. Thus you will explore the City Palace and Museum, which is considered as the largest palace complex in Rajasthan. Barely 15 minutes walk will take you to the Jagdish Temple, built in 1651 AD. From the City Palace you will also access the boarding for the must-do boat tour of the Pichola Lake. All around the lake you will also access the Ghats through small streets.

North India and Rajasthan are offering a great variety of options if you want to discover Indian wildlife. Top of the list is definitely the Ranthambore National Park, one of the largest NP and the most renown in Northern India. Located in Sawai Madhopur, the biggest attraction are the Indian tigers that you can spot in the 392 km² wide park. But you can also see leopards, hyenas, macaques, Indian foxes, bats, sambar deers and much more. If you are a bird-lover, the Keoladeo National Park is made for you.

A tourist visa is required for tourists from most countries before arriving in India. The easiest way is to obtain an e-Tourist Visa (also called e-TV, or e-Visa or visa on arrival). You can thus make your request online in advance via the site


If at some point you are no longer able to continue completing your electronic visa application form, you can save your application and come back later to complete the form by clicking on the corresponding button at the bottom of the page.

As you are preparing for your trip to India, you want to consider what health precautions you need to take. No vaccination is officially required to enter India. But hepatitis A and typhoid (combined injection) is recommended for your indian trip. In any case you should be up to date on routine vaccinations while traveling to any destination. The best is to check with your doctor when you are planning your trip to India.

Delhi has a beautiful (and huge) new international terminal. Be prepared for a long walk upon your arrival. There are 2 welcome areas when you exit the customs check: one inside for families and relatives, and another one just outside the building. Your indian driver will welcome you there, waiting with a name sign. More information on Delhi airport can be found here: www.newdelhiairport.in 

Traveling by train is very easy in India and if you have the time is is a mus-do of your trip to India. It is not any less safe than in Western countries. Just watch your belongings and don’t leave them unattended. In some cases, travelling in India by train can actually be great option to save time. Indeed, India Railway offers many night train with sleeper class, that can make your indian tour very convenient.

An indian beer (a pint of Kingfisher for example) in a restaurant will cost you around 150 INR to 200 INR. Not a cheap refreshment! A bottle of wine in India? You’d better forget about it... However, if you are in for a treat (and after all it is holiday!), your indian driver will be glad to help you find what you are looking for.

Unlike other countries, the tickets to access various sites in India are not very high, which is not a negligible element during your trip to India. To visit the modest Hindu temples, you will usually pay around 50 Indian rupees (less than a euro) - and of course there are also temples with no entry fees. For medium-sized palaces in Rajasthan (such as the city palaces of Jaipur or Bundi), the entrance ticket will generally be 100 rupees per person.

ATMs are available in all major cities all over India. Mastercard and Visa are accepted in all tourist shops and hotels. During your trip through India, you can always ask your indian driver when you need to access an ATM. He will know where to find a bank of a safe cash machine. Never be too shy to ask during your trip, drivers in India love to help.

Vegetarian food is very popular in India and is available in most (if not all) restaurants. The entire holy city of Pushkar is vegetarian only. Your indian driver will most probably be vegetarian himself. So do not hesitate to ask him for a good place to have a typical (but safe) indian lunch or dinner. If you want to find out more about Indian vegeterian cuisine, check out this blog: www.archanaskitchen.com

When you travel all the long way to India, you usually want to treat yourself (or other) with typical indian souvenirs. On your shopping list you may have tea, exquisite jewelry, textiles of all kinds and paintings. Your indian driver will help you spot the right places and markets to find everything you're looking for. If you want some tips on how to bargain in India, read this blog: Bargaining in India

A camel safari in the Thar desert (near Jaisalmer and the Pakistan border) is definitely a must-do of your trip to India. If you opt for this safari, your indian driver will take you to the staring point location, that usually is one of the small village of the desert area. Then the camel safari will take place as follows: you will start by mid-afternoon and ride your camel into the desert. You will have dinner in the indian desert where you may also enjoy traditional dances. You sleep out in the open watching the stars or under a large tent. In the morning you enjoy the sunrise and come back to the village around 9:00 am. There you can enjoy a small breakfast. Then your indian driver will continue your trip with you.

This is up to you but we recommend avoiding anything that may have been in contact with unclean water including ice cubes. But remember: bananas are safe, can be found everywhere and are delicious. However if you really want to be adventurous, check out the top 10 best street foods in India . In any case, you can ask your indian driver for a safe place to have lunch or dinner.

The now wolrd-famous indian Ayurvedic massages are available in most of India, not only in the south. The rule is always: men with men, women with women. It is definitely worth to try! If you have already spotted a place where you want to go for a massage, simply give the address to your indian driver. He will find the place and get you there. If you want to find out more about Ayurvedic massage, visit this site: www.ayurvedicmassage.com

No! The Taj Mahal is not sinking into the nearby river as recently reported by some newspapers. The real good reason why you should hurry up to go and see it is just because it is certainly the most beautiful human-built-monument in the world.

You may find out that indian people love to be taken on a picture with you and you may often be invited to do so, especially by families. However, in other cases, make sure that if you want to take photos of people, you get their prior acceptance. In any case, your indian driver will always be there to give you advice shall you need his assistance.

Be aware that if most of the indian temples or monuments are open 7 days a week, the Red Fort in Delhi is closed on Mondays, and the Taj Mahal on Fridays. Drivers in India are well aware of the closing dates of sites and forts, so you can trust them on this.
At Drivers-India we always make sure that the visits of these 2 sites can be done the day before or day after. Example: the Taj Mahal can be visited late afternoon Thursday or early morning Saturday. In any case, your indian driver will make sure you do not miss any visit during your trip to India.

Taking a night train from Kjajuraho to Varanasi is certainly the best option for that strech. It takes about 10 to 12 hours in comfortable sleepers (6 persons per compartment). If you choose the have a train leg as part of your trip to India, Drivers-India will take care of your transfers ans pick up at the railway stations. Your indian driver will take you to the station and help you board your train to make sure everything goes smoothly. At your arrival city, another one of our indian drivers will greet you when you exit the train and escort you to your car.

Trains from Indian Railway between Khajuraho and Varanasi operate 3 days a week: Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Internet access in India can usually be found in medium-class hotels through a desktop computer in the lobby. All comfort and luxury range hotels selected by Drivers-India.com offer also WIFI access. You can also purchase an indian SIM card with 3G access, if you possess a 3G modem. In such case, your indian driver will be glad to help get such a SIM card at service provider shop.

The Pushkar Camel Fair is defenitely not an event to miss in India. Every year in November, it is attracting 20 000 camels, cattles and horses, and over 300 000 visitors. Also remember that during these dates, the price of accommodation significantly increases in Pushkar. If you want to know more and the exact dates check out the official website: www.pushkarcamelfair.com
Your Indian driver is well aware of what to visit during the Pushkar Camel Fair. He will advise and take you to the best places.

If you are looking to change some foreign currency into Indian Rupees at your arrival in India, better ask your indian driver. The exchange rates at the airport are usually not in favor of travelers. You won't have any expenditure during the first hours of your arrival, and your indian driver will be happy to take you to a bank downtown for a better rate. To know the current exchange rate of Indian Rupees, check out on xe.com
During the redt if your trip in India, your indian driver will always be at your disposal in case you need to find an ATM. Your driver knows the cities you will visit very well, and will always take you to safe locations.

Do you want to get to learn even more about Indian culture? We are now happy to offer you exclusive Cooking classes in Delhi. We will take you to the acclaimed 'Saffron Palate' in Delhi, where Neha Gupta will take you through a culinary journey. Check their website for information www.saffronpalate.com
Your indian driver will be glad to take you there and pick you up again, once you have completed your classes.

India, as many others developping countries, unfortunately also has its list of tourist scams. When you book a tour with us, your driver always pays attention to this and tries to make sure you do not get involved in a tourist trap. However there is one scam you must pay particular attention to. It may happen at your arrival at the Delhi airport, some people pretend to be from the Tourism office or even Tourist police. They will tell you that the city is unsafe (due to unrest, blocked roads...) and tourists are advised to change their plans. Do not get scammed, just ignore their says and continue as planned. The best way to avoid this scam is to ask us to pick you up directly at the airport.

By booking a private trip with Drivers-India, you can be reassured, because a few days before your arrival in India, your travel agent will send you by e-mail the phone number of your private driver. All our drivers welcome their guests at the airport with a name sign. However, once you arrive at the airport and in case you are note able to find your driver, you can immediately call him by the provided phone number. In addition, for any emergency, your travel agent is at your disposal for 24 hours. You can also call your travel agent, in case you cannot reach your private driver. Drivers-India makes its best to protect you from all types of scams at the airport, as well as throughout your trip to India.