As much as you will enjoy your travel through Rajasthan and India, an undeniable priority should be your safety. During your journey in India, your driver will take you to visit sites, to markets, to restaurants, to night shows and many other different places. Wether you are visiting India as solo woman or as family with young kids, all these places can be potentially dangerous under given circumstances.

At Drivers-India, our top priority is to ensure your safety. As you will feel your driver makes you discover all the beauties India has to reveal, he will permanently watch for your safety. Your indian driver is very well aware of risks in certains areas, and will make sure you do not get into trouble. Also, cultural differences may sometimes create unwanted situations, so your driver will advise when needed on how to behave in certain circumstances. When we choose our ranges of exquisite accommodations at Drivers-India, were are also very careful about safety reputation of the hotels and accommodation we select. To make sure every runs perfectly, Drivers-India will also provide you a mobile phone with indian SIM for the duration of your trip. Thus you can always contact your indian driver in case of emergency.


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