ATMs are available in all major cities all over India. Mastercard and Visa are accepted in all tourist shops and hotels. During your trip through India, you can always ask your indian driver when you need to access an ATM. He will know where to find a bank of a safe cash machine. Never be too shy to ask during your trip, drivers in India love to help.

According to general conditions of Drivers-India, some part of the amount of your reserved trip is paid during your tour. However, we would like to mention that all payments for the tour are only made in cash and in rupees. In case you want to pay for your trip to India in US dollars or Euros, this is also possible. In this case the exchange rate of the day will be applied (as it can be found in a currency exchange office).

Before your arrival to India, we also recommend that you check with your bank regarding the limit of withdrawal with your credit card. This will help you to avoid any type of issue when withdrawing the money. This will allow you to increase the limit of your credit card if necessary and thus avoid many inconveniences during your trip in India.

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