India, as many others developping countries, unfortunately also has its list of tourist scams. When you book a tour with us, your driver always pays attention to this and tries to make sure you do not get involved in a tourist trap. However there is one scam you must pay particular attention to. It may happen at your arrival at the Delhi airport, some people pretend to be from the Tourism office or even Tourist police. They will tell you that the city is unsafe (due to unrest, blocked roads...) and tourists are advised to change their plans. Do not get scammed, just ignore their says and continue as planned. The best way to avoid this scam is to ask us to pick you up directly at the airport.

By booking a private trip with Drivers-India, you can be reassured, because a few days before your arrival in India, your travel agent will send you by e-mail the phone number of your private driver. All our drivers welcome their guests at the airport with a name sign. However, once you arrive at the airport and in case you are note able to find your driver, you can immediately call him by the provided phone number. In addition, for any emergency, your travel agent is at your disposal for 24 hours. You can also call your travel agent, in case you cannot reach your private driver. Drivers-India makes its best to protect you from all types of scams at the airport, as well as throughout your trip to India.