A regular question visitors to India may have, is how the mileage is working regarding their hired car with Indian driver. To the question if the mileage is unlimited during your tour of India, the answer is yes and no. There is no limitation in mileage in the sense that your Indian driver will not stop the car, once you have reached a defined number of kilometers. When preparing the quote for your trip to India, we will take into account your itinerary to make an estimation of the running kilometers of your car.

At Drivers-India we include the distances to the regular sites and other attractions you will be visiting when in India. We also allow some additional mileage for small extra you would like to do by car with your Indian driver (such as going out in the evening, seeing a site twice...). We do not want you to have a price headache every time you doing something that slightly varies from the original plan. This is the flexibility having a car with Indian driver offers. However we cannot offer you a real unlimited mileage with the car. As we include fuel costs in our price, you can easily understand that cannot bare the unlimited additional costs. That is why, if at some point during your trip in India, you decide to change the route, you can simply inform your Indian driver. If it is a significant change your driver will let you know and we will provide a quote very quickly. So you can decide whether to agree or not.


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