When preparing you bags for your upcoming trip to India you may wonder what to pack. Here are some tips to help for your indian experience.
India is definitely more conservative than other asian countries when it comes to dress code, especially for women. From a practical point of view, you want to have clothes that will keep you cool, as most of the time the weather in India is hot and humid (so you better avoid the skintight apparel in India). It is also better to wear long pants instead of shorts.

This basically applies for both men and women when in India, but especially for women. You will also want to cover you shoulders, and women should avoid cleavage. There is no real restrictions when it comes to footwear in India. Knowing that you will have to remove your shoes when visiting tempes or mosques, you may want to opt for some comfortable sandals.

In any case, if you have a doubt on what is appropriate when visiting a site, you can always ask your indian driver. He will be glad to give you advice.


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