You may wonder if visiting Rajasthan in August is a good idea. Won't it be too hot? Will it be raining all the time?
While May and June are for sure the hottest months of the year in Rajasthan, August already sees a significant drop in temperatures. In May and June the temperatures in Rajasthan will go above 40 degrees Celsius / 105 degrees Fahrenheit, but in August it will be around 33 degrees Celsius / 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the same temperature than in October, which is high season for tourists in Rajasthan. Regarding rainfalls,

it will indeed still be monsoon period in August. That means there will be rain. However, as always with the monsoon, the rainfalls will be intense but short, and usually at more or less the same time of the day. That means the rainfalls in Rajasthan in August will not prevent you from the normal sightseeing.
In the end, August might actually be an excellent choice for visiting Rajasthan. It will not be that hot, and you will avoid the high season, which means less tourists when you do your sightseeing.

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