When you travel through Rajasthan and India by car with an indian driver, your driver is actually much more than that. During your tour, the driver gives you tips about the visits, advices on places to see or on restaurants to eat at, insider information about the indian culture and habits. Shall anything unexpected happen (like sickness or others), your indian driver will feel like it is his duty to take care of you. When it comes to sightseeing during your trip, your indian driver is however not allowed to serve you as a guide.

In India, only guides with specific accreditations are allowed to perform on paying attraction sites. Those accredited guides can be found easily at the entrance of most of the sites. And if you need assistance for getting a guide, your indian driver will of course help you.

As many people in Asia, Indians can be a little bit shy sometimes. So do not hesitate to ask your Indian driver about things you would like to know regarding  the country and other Indian cultural aspects. Your Indian driver will always be very glad to give you insights and to share his culture with you.

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