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Irfan Qureshi 

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Patel Nagar 

New Delhi 110008

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General Terms and Conditions:


Payment terms:

A payment of 50% of the total price is required at day one of the tour, and the remaining 50% at mid-tour.

All payments will be made in cash to your driver, unless you would like to do a money transfer (partial or total) before your arrival in India.

Remote payments can be made via credit card (procedure available on demand).


Accepted payment currencies:

We accept cash payment in the following currencies: Indian rupees, US dollars, Euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Japanese yen.


Cancellation policy:

A booking may be cancelled provided that the cancellation is made at least 15 days prior to your tour departure date.

In case of cancellation less than 15 days prior to your tour departure date, payment of an amount of 20% of the tour price will be required.